Do You Know Your Google Ranking?


Most of the people generally use search engines, such as Google in search of products according to their preferences, as Google is the most quick and convenient way for this purpose. More than 50 percent of online purchases begin with a search. Hence, the high ranking of a website in search results is a great opportunity for boosting sales as well as capturing leads. On-page optimization means to make changes in existing website so that it appears higher in the Google Rankings and can be easily found by the online visitors. Invest your time in making simple changes to your website; for example, writing a good page title; choosing appropriate keywords, etc. can make a huge difference in traffic. Here are a few steps that should be followed so that your website gets higher Google rankings.

  • Choose your keywords

If you want your website to get high Google rankings, you have to decide the keywords (or searches) for which you want to appear. For this, try to understand that what the customers are looking for and then write content for your website. In this content, make sure to target keywords. You can use the Keyword Tool of Google for this purpose. This tool helps in uncovering demanding search words that are related to your business

  • Ensure to develop a search-engine friendly Website

When Google performs a search, it searches a massive database of content which is commonly referred to as an index. If you want your website to appear in the top results, make sure that Google is able to clearly read the web content. Google face problems while reading sites that consist of several images or make extensive use of particular programs, for example Flash.

  • Consider a Sitemap

If your website has many menus as well as sub-menus, then it is essential to consider a sitemap for assisting search engine spiders to easily navigate through all your web pages.

  • Submit your website to search engines

It is important to let all the search engines know about your website existence. Every search engine has a link named as “Add a Site” where you can add your web address. This helps in informing the search engine spiders for visiting your site.

  • Always Use unique content

Never borrow or copy content from other websites. There are three major benefits of using unique content for your website. First of all, you do not violate copyright laws, secondly unique content makes your website content interesting and attractive for your visitors. Thirdly, you can prevent search engines to penalize your site to replicate content from the original site.

  • Start a blog

Starting a blog is an amazing way to maximize your exposure on the web. The search engines like the keyword rich, new and unique content, which generally comes from blogs. Make sure that you must include a link on every blog page to your own site.

  • Use keywords in sub headers, headers and titles

Google gives importance to headers and title tags that comprises of relevant keywords. Hence, make sure to use keywords in sub headers, headers and titles.

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